Best 4 Wooden Rowing Machines & Workout In 2022 Reviews

If you’re looking for a wooden rowing machine, this article is for you!

I review 4 wooden rowers in this article and write about their specifications and main features. I mention everything you need to know so you can decide which rowing machine is the right one for you. I also mention everything else you need to know so this decision will be easier.


What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Wooden Water Rower?

Why Should You Buy A Wooden Exercise Machine?

A wooden rower is not just functional but also beautiful. These are high-quality rowers made out of the best wood that absorbs vibrations and sound. They can usually withstand a pretty heavy user weight and are very durable and will last you for many years.

Wooden Rowing Machine Benefits

A rowing machine offers many physical benefits, but also some mental benefits too. Some exercisers say that when they are using a wooden water rower, they think the sound of water is soothing and meditative. With that, you also strengthen every muscle group in your body and also get a serious cardio workout.

Price Range Of The Wooden Water Rowing Machines

The wood used for building these machines is of high quality and so the rowers are pretty expensive. The most affordable of the rowers is the Valor model from Pure Design Fitness. So if you’re thinking about buying a wooden rower but want something budget-friendly, this could be the right one for you.

Where To Buy These Wooden Rower Models?

Each of the rowing machines has its own company website where you can buy them. An alternative to that are some online retail sites, like Amazon which I recommend. You can get discounts on a regular basis and you can also compare prices directly on there. You can also see what other user reviews are saying.

What Types Of Wooden Exercise Machines Exist?

There are 4 types of rowing machines in general: water, air, hydraulic and magnetic resistance rowers. The wooden machines that I review here are all water resistance ones. They combine the quiet resistance with the stability and durability of real wood. They give you the feel of real rowing on water with natural materials.

Best 4 Wooden Rowing Machines

Best Wooden Rowing Machine

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Rowing Machine

Twin Tank System And Water Resistance

First Degree rowing machine has a patented adjustable resistance system where it uses a dual tank technology. You can adjust the resistance with a dial and then water from one water chamber goes into the primary chamber with water paddles. This creates stronger resistance that you can feel.

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Rowing Machine

LCD Performance Monitor

The computer display of this wooden rowing machine shows you elapsed time, distance rowed and calories burned per hour. It also shows you strokes per minute, 500m split, watts, and your heart rate. All in all, it’s an easily readable monitor that shows you all the important metrics.

Quality BuildFrom Solid Wood

The Apollo Pro II model has a frame head made out of steel while the side rails are built from American Ashwood that’s sustainably harvested. The quality wood rails give you many years of durability and are tough enough to withstand years of intense workouts. The maximum user weight that it can support is 330lbs.

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Rowing Machine review

Transport And Ergonomic Design

It’s very easy to transport this rowing machine. While Apollo Pro II can’t be folded, it can be turned vertically so it saves space. The rollers on the bottom make it easier to move.  Assembled dimensions are 84’’ L x 21’’ W x 21’’ H and the handle is designed ergonomically so it prevents hand strain.

Warranty Period For The First Degree Rower

The warranty you get with this product is the full commercial one since the manufacturer is very confident about the quality of the product. The frame has 10 full years and the tank with seals has a 3-year warranty. All the mechanical components get 2 years while every other type of component has 1 year.

Why Buy This Product:

  • 4 levels of adjustable water resistance
  • patented twin tank technology
  • built from solid American Ashwood
  • long commercial warranty
  • easy transport and storage

Best Water Wooden Rower

WaterrowerNatural Rowing Machine

Water Resistance Changes With Your Efforts

This Waterrower Natural rower model has a water tank with propellers suspended in it which creates resistance. The paddles have to displace water in front of them and the rowing stroke is smooth and quiet. The resistance levels depend entirely on you: the faster you row, the more resistance you feel.

Waterrower Rowing machine Ash

Series 4 Performance Monitor

This Waterrowerwooden water rower is equipped with a state-of-the-art performance monitor. It shows you basic metrics like distance rowed and workout intensity, but the monitor has so many more advanced features. It’s a small and versatile computer monitor that helps you track everything important.

Solid Ash Wood Build

The Natural model is handcrafted from solid Ash wood that’s harvested sustainably. It’s grown in replenishable forests and is stained in honey oak color. The wood has amazing engineering properties by absorbing the sound and vibrations you make. It can carry up to 1000lbs because of its strong build.

Waterrower Rowing machine Ash review

Handy Storage And Comfortable Design

The frame of this wooden water rowing machine can be flipped upward for its space-saving design part. You can maneuver it on wheels that are built-in on the bottom of the rower. Its dual rails make the comfortable seat glide with each rowing stroke and the handlebar is designed so your hands won’t hurt.

Warranty Period Of The Waterrower

The warranty seems really short but there is a catch: you have to upgrade it to a longer period. You get a 1-year warranty for the structural frame and all the other parts upon purchasing it. But if you register the product online on the Waterrower website, you get 5 years on the frame and 3 years on parts.

Why Buy This Product:

  • quiet and smooth water rowing experience
  • durable solid Ash wood build
  • top-notch Series 4 performance monitor

Best Portable Wooden Rowing Machine

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

Four Levels Of Water Resistance

The water tank system is a dual one in the case of the HX Trainer and gives you 4 levels of resistance. When you turn the resistance to a minimum, the water goes from the main tank with pedals and makes the resistance lighter. This way you can progress with your workouts and challenge yourself.

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

Easily Readable Performance Monitor

The performance monitor of this Life Fitness rowing machine is large and easily readable. It tracks and shows you the most important metrics you need to know so you can progress in your workouts. You don’t get a heart rate monitor strap included with your rower so you have to buy that separately.

Natural Wood Design And Stability

The dual rails and the frame of this wooden rower are made with a combination of natural wood and steel. This makes this rowing machine very durable, stable and will be able to withstand even your most challenging workouts. Because of its design, it can carry up to 330lbs of maximum user weight.

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer review

Compact Design And Built For Comfort

The rowing machine can be turned upright and takes up less than 7 feet in height while in this position. It can be moved easily on the rollers and it’s compact enough for easy storage. The seat is comfortable and the footpads can be adjusted to your size so you’re comfortable and secure while rowing.

Warranty Period Of The Row HX Trainer

Every part of this wooden rowing machine has its own different warranty period. So the structural frame has a good warranty that lasts 5 years while the tank and seals have a 3-year warranty. Mechanical parts get 2 years while the performance monitor and labor have a 1-year warranty.

Why Buy This Product:

  • 4 adjustable water resistance levels
  • the dual water tank system
  • good warranty period
  • combination of natural wood and steel build

Best Home Wooden Rowing Machine

Pure Design Fitness Valor Rowing Machine

Water Resistance With Variable Levels

The Valor wooden rowing machine has many resistance levels and they all depend on your effort. If you want to feel more resistance, the drag that is created when you row faster is what will give you that. If in turn, you want to feel less resistance, ease up on your rowing intensity.

Pure Design Fitness Indoor Rowing Machine

VR2 Performance Monitor For Tracking Metrics

Every important metric you need tracked can be done so on the Pure Design Fitness monitor. It has two workout programs, distance interval, and time interval while also tracking other statistics. It tracks distance rowed, speed, watts, estimated caloric burn and 200-meter split.

Minimalist Design And Quality Build

The minimalist design requires little maintenance with a steel frame and dual rails made out of Beechwood. The rails have a coating of quality Danish Oil on them and the main assembly has a powder coat finish that’s very durable. The maximum weight it can support on its sturdy frame is 325lbs.

Pure Design Fitness Indoor Rowing Machine review

Easy Storage And Compact Design

While not a foldable wooden water rowing machine, it can be stored on end and save much of space. It’s very compact when in the vertical storage position, all you have to think about is the height of your ceiling. The seat is ergonomically designed and is built for comfort during those low periods of rowing.

Warranty Period Of The Valor Rower

The warranty you get with the Pure Design Fitness rowing machine is residential and is pretty solid. The frame gets a 5-year warranty when the Pure Design repairs all your malfunctions at their own cost. The water tank has 3 years while all the other components and parts get a 1-year warranty.

Why Buy This Product:

  • variable water resistance levels
  • minimalist design with low maintenance
  • Beechwood dual rails for stability
  • VR2 high-quality performance monitor
  • compact while in storage position

Conclusion: Which Two Best Wooden Rowing Machine Models Should You Buy?

The Waterrower Natural Rowing Machine and the First Degree Apollo Pro II are in my opinion the best wooden rowing machine models currently available on the market. The Waterrower Natural has a solid Ash wood construction. And Apollo Pro II has a solid wood build and adjustable 4-level resistance.

If you want to find out more about which rowers are budget-friendly, we wrote an article about best value rowing machine models. We also wrote about compact rowing machine models. And if you want to know more about water rowers, we have the best water rowing machine model article for you.