Top 2 Life Fitness Rowing Machines (Rowers) In 2022 Reviews

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I reviewed 2 Life Fitness rower models here. I wrote about their technical specifications and main features. I also wrote about anything you have to know so you can decide which Life Fitness WaterRower is the best one for you.

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Life Fitness Rowing Machine Brand

The Brand Behind Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a manufacturer of home fitness equipment and also of commercial exercise equipment. For home gyms, they are selling from treadmills and ellipticals to dumbbells, benches and weight plates. They strive to help people live healthier lives.

The Price Range Of Life Rowers

Life rower models are pretty expensive because they are made from high-quality materials. They can be used commercially and you probably encountered them in some gyms. But they can also be bought for your home gym. They are durable and sturdy.

Where To Buy Life Fitness Rowers?

You can purchase these fitness rowers online on their website. But you can also buy them at online retailers such as Amazon. I recommend you check them out on Amazon because you can directly compare prices on there. Amazon also offers frequent discounts.

Warranty Life Of These Fitness Rowers

The Life Fitness waterrower machines have a frame warranty of 5 years, 3 years on the tank, 2 on consoles and mechanical parts and 1 on labor. The warranty could be better for this type of rowing machine. Especially for rowers in this price range.

Why Buy From This Brand?

Life Fitness is a brand that’s customer-oriented. You can easily contact them through a phone call or an email. They employ a network of professionals who know the exercise equipment the brand is selling inside out. They can help you with any questions you have regarding the rowing machines.

Best 2 Life Fitness Rowing Machines Reviews

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer

Water As Resistance Type

The Life Fitness rower GX uses paddles in water for resistance. This type of resistance is variable, meaning that similar to air rowers, you increase resistance the harder you row. The resistance feels very similar to rowing in actual water because of paddles suspended in the water tank. The smooth feeling of rowing is thanks to the Fluid Technology resistance system.

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer

Sixteen Resistance Levels

You can easily adjust the resistance level on the Row GX trainer. There are 16 levels to choose from, so they are perfect for entire families because of that. If you need less resistance, just turn down the dial. When you fill the water tank, you have to fill it to level 16 only and there is no need to empty or refill the water tank to change resistance.

Computer Display For Tracking Data

The console of this Life Fitness rower is small but provides basic readings so you can track your progress. It tracks elapsed time, 500m time, calories burned and pulse. You need to buy a chest strap separately to measure your heart rate. The computer display also doesn’t have any interesting programs to help you work out.

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer review

Comfort And Building Material

The footboards are adjustable and so are the foot straps. The seat is padded and also in a higher position so you can get on and off the Life Fitness waterrower with ease. The frame is made out of steel, including the monorail. This makes this Row GX trainer very durable and you will be able to use it for many years to come.

Easy Storage And Dimensions

The Life Fitness waterrower can be stored vertically to take the least amount of space when not in use. The rollers on the Life Fitness Row GX rower enable you to move it wherever you need it easily. The dimensions of the water rowing machine are 76.8’’ L x 31.5’’ W x 39.4’’ H and the maximum weight capacity is 330lbs.


  • very smooth rowing motions
  • easy storage vertically
  • higher seating position
  • 16 resistance level for any exerciser
  • all-steel build

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

Water Resistance Type

The Life Fitness Rower HX has the same resistance type as the Row GX trainer waterrower. It uses pedals suspended in the water tank filled with liters of water to create resistance. This Life Fitness rowing machine also has the Fluid Technology resistance system that gives you that smooth rowing motion.

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

Four Resistance Levels To Choose From

There are only four levels of resistance on this Life Fitness water rowing machine. It’s a more beginner-friendly start for anyone who likes water rowing, at a more affordable price. You don’t have to change the water levels to add resistance. You just use the knob and dial between resistance levels of this Lifetime Fitness rowing machine.

Computer Display For Data Tracking

The computer console is basic on this Life Fitness water rowing machine too. It tracks elapsed time, 500m time, a rough estimate of burned calories and strokes per minute. It can also monitor your pulse but you need to buy a chest strap to use that feature. You can program the console to begin a countdown at the desired distance.

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer review

Steel Build And Ergonomic Design

The dual rails are made out of natural wood and steel. This is a very sturdy water rower that will last for years. The handles are ergonomically designed under an angle for a better grip. The Life Fitness HX rower also has adjustable footplates and is very simple to use.

Easy Storage Design And Dimensions

The Life Fitness Rower HX is a compact water rowing machine and you can store it vertically. It doesn’t take up much space and you can use the rollers to wheel it into storage when you’re not using it. The dimensions of this Life Fitness water rowing machine are 84’’ L x 20’’ W x 22’’ H. It can carry up to 330lbs.


  • 4 resistance levels
  • ergonomically designed handle
  • attractive steel and wood frame

Other Life Fitness Rowing Machines – Discontinued Or Unavailable

Some Life Fitness seated row machines are similar to rowers but are currently unavailable or discontinued. Those are for example the Life Fitness Pro2 seated row and Life Fitness T bar row. Life Fitness Concept 2 rower is a multipurpose rowing machine. It’s similar to the Lifespan RW1000 indoor rower. There is also the Life Fitness Rowing Machine 9500.

Life Fitness Rower Replacement Parts

If you need any replacement parts for the Life Fitness seated row machines, you can order them online on the Life Fitness website. They offer a more comprehensive service than if you were to look for Lifespan RW1000 parts for example. You can also check Amazon and buy universal parts. Just be careful that they are a perfect match.

Life Fitness Rowing Machine Manual

You get a user manual with every Life Fitness water rowing machine. That way you can read through it before assembly and use. In case you want to read the manuals, I’ve found them online on their website:

Conclusion: Why Buy A Life Fitness Rowing Machine?

Life Fitness Row GX is a commercial-grade water rower with 16 resistance levels and a strong frame. Life Fitness HX rower is a durable and efficient Life Fitness rowing machine. This Life Fitness waterrower gives you a full-body workout and a cardio exercise.

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