Dynamic Fitness Rowing Machines Reviewed By Expert In 2022

Are you interested in buying the Dynamic R1 Pro Rower rowing machine?

If you are interested in buying a dynamic fitness rowing machine, I will review the Dynamic R1 Pro Rower rowing machine. I will be writing in detail about the specifications and features of this home rowing machine for your home gym and tell you all you need to know for an informed purchase and if this is the best machine for you.

So read on and let’s get right to it!


The Brand Behind The Dynamic R1 Pro Rover Rowing Machine

Dynamic Fitness Manufacturer

Dynamic Fitness brand stands behind the Dynamic R1 Pro Rower but that is not the only thing they manufacture. They specialize in sports and fitness equipment and are also behind a couple of types of fitness cycles alongside the rowing exercise machine.

Where To Find The Dynamic R1 Rowing Machine For Sale?

Dynamic Fitness brand has made the machine available to purchase through Amazon and Costco and similar retailers. I recommend you check the rower on Amazon though, not only because of lower prices and discounts but also because you can directly compare the prices of other rowing machines alongside the Dynamic R1.

The Price Range Of The Dynamic R1

Comparing other rowing machines currently available on the market, the Dynamic R1 is set in the higher price range, so if you are looking for an affordable rowing machine, this might not be right for you. But for the higher price, you also get a powerful, quality and the best value rowing machine to use in the comfort of your home.

Warranty And Customer Service

Dynamic R1 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty but the customer service is being handled by Golden Designs Inc. which is user-friendly and responds quickly. The warranty for all parts of the rower is only 1 year. While the warranty is fine for smaller parts, it is a bit too limited for the rest of the machine that is being used for powerful movement. Other rowing machines with comparable prices provide a better warranty.

Dynamic R1 Pro Rower Review

Dynamic R1 Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is completely self-powered, but you need to connect it to electricity to power the display monitor which ultimately sets the parameters for a workout. The rowing actually simulates water rowing in actual outdoor conditions. This home rower was built to last. It also has a variable water volume that ranges from 9 and all the way up to 17 liters.

The Aluminum Rail Feature And Dimensions

The aluminum rail is 19 cm wide and provides a smoother and lighter ride. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs and the best thing is, there are no whirring noises so it is very quiet to use. You can also easily transport it because of built-in wheels. The dimensions of the assembled machine are 97 in. x 17.7 in. x 42.6 in. (L x W x H) and it weighs 82.7 lbs.

Comparing The Dynamic R1 To Other Exercise Machines

The water rower machine is often used as part of the home gym equipment and provides a powerful workout that simulates rowing on water. It is not to be confused with similar gym devices such as the machine row, seated hammer row or cable row machine which don’t use the joint air and magnetic resistance for water rowing simulation.

Dynamic Fitness R1 Pro Magnetic Air Rower

The Air Resistance Side

This Rowing exercise machine packs a double punch of combined air and magnetic resistance for rowing. The air resistance system uses the specially patented flywheel to generate air resistance when you pull away from it. In other words, the resistance increases as soon as you row faster and harder.

The Magnetic Side Of Working Out

The other side of the power of this water rower is the magnetic resistance that is generated through a magnetic break that occurs in the flywheel. The magnetic part of the rowing machine makes for a very quiet and smooth workout. Together, the air and magnetic resistance make the Dynamic R1 rower powerful, quiet and smooth.

Patented Custom-Made Parts

While looking for the best home rowing machine, Dynamic R1 Pro offers some custom-made parts that make it stand out, such as the patented adjustable footpad. The footpad is designed with comfort in mind because of its custom texture. With this design, the heel is supported and the pad adjusts to the foot size instantly.

Resistance System Of The Dynamic R1

This water resistance rowing machine provides an intense workout for the beginner, but also for the experienced rower. It works on the principle of combining air and magnetic resistance system. This way, it provides multiple levels of resistance of which there are 16, for a workout that suits your fitness level and needs. You can control the resistance with a multifunctional monitor.

Dynamic Fitness R1 Pro Magnetic Air Rower review

Easy To Use Monitor

The monitor/console is very user-friendly and enables easy control of some of the most important markers such as exercise time, meaning the time you need to row at your current speed to complete 500 m, strokes per minute, exercise distance (measured in meters), rough calorie expenditure, training workout efforts, and a pulse measurer. The monitor also shows the loading level from 1 to 16.

Variety Of Monitor Modes

You can choose between six training modes. Dynamic R1 rower has a manual mode where you can choose for yourself which marker do you want to follow, such as calories spent or distance rowed. Then there is the race mode where you set time and distance and race to reach that target against the computer. In WATT mode, you can select the desired watt level to measure your power output, along with other markers.

This water rowing machine also has an HRC mode where you can choose your target heart rate that you want to maintain during the workout. Profile mode has up to 12 different profiles you can choose from so you can choose the one with the right metrics that you wish to follow. And last but not least, the user-mode has between 5 user programs that you can switch between and choose the one which best suits your needs.

Easy Storage And Smart Space Usage

This is a collapsible rowing machine and it is very easy to store in just a few simple steps. The folding only takes a few seconds to complete. First thing, the quick-lock pin has to be pulled, then comes the folding of the seat up and finally, you just allow the pin to easily lock back into place. The entire rower is spacially very compact once it is folded. Dimensions od this foldable rowing machine once folded are 53.8 in. x 17.8 in. x 62.5 in. (L x W x H.)


  • a powerful rowing machine with a smooth ride
  • collapsible and easy to store
  • quiet (no whirring sounds)
  • great variety of exercise modes
  • 16 loading levels

Dynamic R1 Rower Replacement Parts And Manual

Where To Get Replacement Parts

While under warranty, you will get all the parts from the Golden Designs Inc., but once it expires, there is no indication that you have to buy special replacement parts from the manufacturer so you can always check on sites such as Amazon for replacement. With the only exception being their patented adjustable footpad, but the footpad is built to last so you probably won’t have any issues with that.

Manual And Instructions

Dynamic R1 comes with a manual with the purchase that will help you set up the water rower correctly if you are assembling it yourself. It also has detailed descriptions and illustrations to help you to guide you during the assembly and equally detailed instructions on how to program and use the monitor. In case you want to check it out and read it now because I have found the online manual.

Simple Assembly Instructions

Tools required for the assembly are an Allen wrench, a screwdriver and a 14 mm open wrench. There are 8 illustrated steps and all you have to do is follow the instructional pictures, and you can be all set up in maybe under an hour. It is not indicated if the assembly tools are provided with the fluid rower so I would have them with me beforehand.

Conclusion: Why Buy Dynamic R1 Pro Magnetic Air Rower?

Dynamic R1 Pro Magnetic Air Rower is a powerful water rowing exercise machine that takes advantage of the air and magnetic resistance in one system. You can work out at any time of the day because working out on the machine is quiet and smooth. The rower is foldable and can be easily stored and the sturdy frame is built to last.

If you want to find out more about other types of rowing machines, here is an article about hydraulic rowing machines. If you need a small rowing machine, here is the article about compact rowing machine models, but if you don’t know which one is the best for you, read my post about the best rowers on the market!