Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine You Can Buy In 2022 Review

Are you interested in buying a Harvil magnetic rowing machine?

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I will be writing about the Harvil magnetic rower here and I will give you all the details about its features. I will review this rowing exercise machine and I will go through all the specifications so you can make an informed purchase. I will also mention the Harvil hydraulic rowing machine.

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Harvil Rowing Machine Brand

Brand Behind The Harvil Magnetic Rower

Harvil is a brand that is owned by Dazadi. They are manufacturing practical home gym equipment that can withstand any level of workouts. Harvil manufactures rowers, ellipticals and exercise bikes. But they also make equipment for outdoor sports and games, game tables and everything for game rooms.

What Is The Price Range Of Harvil Rowers?

Harvil magnetic rowers are very affordable rowing machines. If you want to build your home gym, Harvil offers a quality product for a very reasonable price. The rower has a range of features and they cover all your cardio and strength training needs. According to reviews, this is a great merge of affordability and quality.

Where To Find A Harvil Rowing Machine For Sale?

This magnetic rower is available in some physical stores but also at various online retailers, such as Amazon. I recommend checking out the rower on the Amazon website, mostly because you can compare prices. It makes your decision on which product to buy easier. They also have frequent discounts and free shipping.

Why Buy From The Harvil Brand?

The Harvil brand knows that the customers come first. The rowing machines are usually shipped the same day when they are ordered. They have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the rower. You can also get an in-home delivery, and for a small fee, they can assemble the rower for you.

Warranty For The Harvil Rowing Machines

Harvil offers a pretty short warranty for their rowers. The frame and parts are under warranty only during a 180 day period. But you do get fixed everything that breaks during that time, at no cost to you. The good thing is, if you are still not satisfied, they offer you a full refund.

The Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Resistance Type Of The Magnetic Rower

This is a magnetic rowing machine and that makes it very quiet. The good news is that parts won’t really wear out over time from use because of the resistance type. There is no friction between surfaces because you only have magnets interacting with a flywheel. It’s also a different mechanism than what we can find on the Harvil hydraulic rowing machine.

Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

Eight Resistance Levels To Choose From

There are all in all 8 levels of resistance and everyone can find a level they need. The difference between Level 1 and Level 8 is not that big though. Level 8 is the most advanced level but according to reviews, it does not provide much more resistance. But it still gives you a good cardio workout.

LCD Computer Display For Workout Feedback

This is a basic monitor, which is to be expected from a rowing machine of this price range. But it gives you valuable workout feedback such as distance, row count, time and calories. The display has two modes, the first one is the scan mode and the second one is the selected function.

Harvil Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower review

Materials And Comfort During Exercise

The beam is made out of aluminum, with the rowing strap made out of nylon. In short, durable and low maintenance. The seat glides on the beam on quiet rollers which, together with magnetic resistance make your workouts really quiet. The handlebars are padded so you won’t slip and can work out safely.

Dimensions Of The Rower And Easy Storage

Harvil magnetic rowing machine is a pretty compact rowing machine so it does not need to fold. After you are done working out, just lift the rear end of the beam and wheel it to your storage space. The rower has built-in wheels for that. Dimensions are 28 in x 63 in x 20 in (L x H x W) and the maximum supported weight is 264lbs.


  • magnetic resistance for a quiet workout
  • easy transport due to built-in wheels
  • durable materials that won’t rust or snap
  • easy storage because the machine is compact

Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine Review

This is a rowing machine that uses hydraulic resistance and it is another one of Harvil’s affordable yet quality rowers. It’s a compact, yet effective machine. It’s currently not available for sale, but that might change soon.

Harvil Replacement Parts And Accessories

While your Harvil magnetic rower is under warranty, you get the replacement parts free of charge from the manufacturer. After that, you can find any needed parts online, for example on Amazon. Accessories can be found on the Harvil Amazon website where they offer a wide range of products.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy a Harvil Magnetic Rower?

The Harvil magnetic rowing machine is rated as one of the best budget rowing machines. It offers strong features for an affordable price. You can work on strength training and cardio and adjust the settings for a workout that fits your needs perfectly. Harvil hydraulic rowing machine is also a good rower with great features.

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