Best 2 Proform Rowing Machines You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

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I wrote 2 Proform rowing machine reviews here, about Proform 440R and 550R models. I wrote about their main features and important technical specifications. There is also everything you need to know to decide which Proforom rowing machine is the right one for you.

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Proform Rowing Brand

The Brand Behind The Proform Rower

Proform is a brand that manufactures a wide variety of products. It’s a branch of ICON Health and Fitness. Alongside rowers, they manufacture treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and HIIT trainers. Proform also offers some hybrid machines like the Proform rower bike. They also have an app that has workout programs and recipes.

Price Range Of Proform Rower Models

The Proform rowing machines are on the more affordable side when they compare to similar rowers on the market. These are cheap rowing machines that you can invest in even with a smaller budget. Proform home rowers have features you need for a great workout even with the lower price.

Where To Buy Proform Products?

Proform sells its products at some physical stores. They also sell them on their Proform website and at some online retailers such as Amazon. I recommend you check out Amazon because they offer discounts on the regular. You can also compare prices directly on the website.

Warranty On The Proform Rower Models

It has a modest warranty that goes with the price. The frame has a 5-year warranty and the parts and labor a 90-day warranty. It’s an adequate warranty compared to other rowing machine models in a similar price range.

Why Buy From This Brand?

Proform puts its customers first. That’s why they have a good customer support service. If you need any help, you can live chat with an agent on the Proform website. You can also directly call and ask for assistance.

Top 2 Proform Rowing Machine Reviews

Proform 440R Rower

Magnetic Resistance Type

Proform 440R has a magnetic type of resistance which means the rowing machine is pretty quiet. It works with a C-shaped magnet which when it moves closer to the metal flywheel, increases resistance. When the magnet moves farther away from the flywheel, the resistance automatically decreases.

ProForm 440R Rower

Eight Different Resistance Levels

You can adjust the resistance right on the Proform 440R rowing machine by turning the red knob under the display. You have 8 resistance levels to choose from. Some users writing a Proform 440R rower review did mention that the resistance doesn’t have that much power at higher levels. But most exercisers were satisfied with the performance.

Computer Display For Tracking Statistics

Proform 440R rower has a large LCD monitor where you can easily track your workout data. It shows you distance, elapsed time, total strokes, strokes per minute and a rough estimate of burned calories. The computer display is large enough to see your stats well while you exercise.

ProForm 440R Rower review

Ergonomic Design For Comfort

The Proform 440R has a so-called soft-touch ergonomic handle. You won’t slip during your workout and the handle design prevents your hands from experiencing fatigue. The seat is molded and adjustable and sits on an aluminum rail. The pedals of this Proform 440R rower are pivoting with adjustable foot straps.

Easy Storage And Dimensions

This Proform 440R folding rowing machine can be easily folded to save up space after use. You can fold up the aluminum rail by removing the safety pin. 440R Proform can also be easily moved because of rollers on the bottom. Dimensions are 75.6’’ L x 20.1’’ W x 37.4’’ H and the maximum weight capacity is 250lbs.

Why Buy This Product:

  • compact and foldable design
  • silent magnetic resistance
  • large LCD monitor for tracking data easily
  • ergonomically designed parts for comfort
  • 8 resistance levels to challenge you

Proform 550R Rowing Machine

Air Resistance Type

The Proform 550R rower uses air as resistance. This means it uses air in the fan flywheel to create resistance. When you pull the handle of this Proform rower, the flywheel spins. The resistance is created when the fan sucks the air into the flywheel. It’s similar to water rowers in that you create more resistance when you row more.

ProForm 550R

Inertia-enhanced Flywheel

This is a newly designed flywheel on this Proform rowing machine that uses damper settings. This damper setting can be activated by pushing a lever on top of the flywheel housing. It doesn’t actually change resistance, it just changes the feeling of resistance.

Computer Display For Tracking Data

The Proform 550R comes with a large monitor that’s easily visible from where you row. It’s basic but it shows you all the important tracking data. It tracks time, distance rowed, total strokes, strokes per minute and a rough estimate of burned calories.

ProForm 550R review

Ergonomic Design For Maximum Workout Comfort

The Proform 550R rowing machine was designed with ergonomic parts so you can work out more comfortably. The Proform rowing machine has foot pedals that you can pivot and the pedal straps are easily adjustable. The handle is designed to prevent hand fatigue and the seat is padded and comfortable.

Durable Materials And Dimensions

The steel frame on this Proform 550R rower is durable and the rail is made out of aluminum. The 550R rower is easily foldable and has rollers so you can move it with no problems. Dimensions of the assembled Proform 550R rower are 84″ L x 22″ W x 25″ H and it can carry up to 250lbs.

Why Buy This Product:

  • sturdy steel frame
  • damper settings for a resistance feel
  • variable air rowing resistance

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy The Proform Rowing Machine Models?

The Proform 440R rower is a magnetic rower with 8 resistance levels. This Proform rowing machine is ergonomically designed and affordable. A good air rower is the Proform 550R rowing machine. It has damper settings so you can have a variable resistance feel and a durable steel frame.

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