Total Gym Rowing Machine For Exercise On Sale In 2022 Review 

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Here I am writing about the Total Gym Row Trainer also known as Total Gym Incline Rower CE. I am reviewing its specifications and features. I will mention everything you need to know so you can decide if this Total Gym rower is the right one for you.

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Total Gym Rowing Machine Brand Information

Brand Behind The Row Trainer

The Total Gym brand started as a manufacturer in the physical rehabilitation centers. They were focusing on helping people with physical injuries. Over the years, they grew into a big company that is making quality exercise equipment. They manufacture whole-body exercise machines, DVDs and tools for working out.

Price Range Of The Total Gym Rower

This rowing exercise machine is in the upper price range when comparing it with other rowers. Behind the Brand are 19 years of experience and this is a high-quality rowing machine that gives you a thorough workout. Reviews often call it the best value rowing machine.

Where To Find The Incline Rower For Sale?

The Total Gym Row Trainer can be found on the Total Gym website. It can also be found in some physical stores and at online retailers like Amazon. I recommend the Amazon website mainly because it is easier to compare the prices. Amazon also offers regular discounts.

Lifetime Warranty And Free Trial

You can try the incline rower at home for a free, 30-day trial. If for some reason you do not find that it is a good product, Total Gym will give you a full refund. The rower comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, other parts get a 2-year warranty.

Why Buy From This Brand

Total Gym prides itself on almost two decades of working in the physical rehabilitation business, so you can tell they are a brand that cares about people. They have good customer service and you can always reach them over the phone and through an online form on their website.

Best Total Gym Incline Rower Review

Resistance Type Of The Incline Rower

This is a very unique rower in that you row on an incline and is using your own body weight as resistance. In addition to that, there are two moving platforms used for additional resistance. You can even adjust the percentage of your bodyweight that you use.

Total Gym Row Trainer, Silver & Black

Two Levels Of Resistance

You can lower or raise the incline to provide two different levels of resistance. Through that, you can have a resistance of 17% or 20% of your body weight which makes for a challenging workout. You also have the option of adding up to 15lbs of bungee cord resistance. The incline is designed to simulate smooth rowing on the water.

Computer Display And Dimensions

The Total Gym rowing machine has a basic computer display that shows you statistics such as distance, time and a rough estimate of calories burned. The dimensions of this home rowing machine are 98 in x 30 in x 23.5 in (L x H x W) while assembled. This rower can accommodate almost anyone. Its sturdy frame can carry up to 400lbs.

Total Gym Row Trainer, Silver & Black review

Type Of Exercise It Can Provide

The rower is a great exercise machine for anyone who needs and wants a low impact workout. It is easy on the joints but powerful enough to train all muscle groups. With easy resistance modifications, it can accommodate all levels of exercisers. The rowing machine is built to strengthen your arms, legs, back and ab muscles.

Further Specifications And Storage

Total Gym rower is made out of a steel frame and its rails are steel reinforced and made out of aluminum. It is a high-quality rower that is built to last for years of exercising. The rowing machine is very quiet and the seat is ergonomically designed. This is a foldable rowing machine and can be stored upright.


  • incline rowing that works out all major muscle groups
  • smooth movement and very quiet
  • two resistance settings using your body weight on an incline
  • high-quality frame made out of steel
  • easy storage and foldable

Other Version Of The Total Gym Row Trainer

Different Color And A different Name


The rowing trainer can be found on Amazon under a different name, Total Gym Incline Rower CE. It is the same rower, only Total Gym has it under the Row Trainer name, while other suppliers have it under Total Gym Incline Rower CE. It is also available in color black. The specifications are the same, aside from the name change and color.

Total Gym XLS Exercise Machine

There is one Total Gym full-body exercise machine that’s available, but it’s not strictly seen as a rowing machine. You can do a variety of exercises on this machine. There are youtube videos showing you how to use the XLS machine like a rower.

Where To Buy Replacement Parts?

Total Gym rower replacement parts can be found on the Total Gym website. If for some reason you cannot find a part you need, you can always try online retailers such as Amazon. With frequent discounts, you can find what you need for a great price.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy Total Gym Incline Rower CE?

The row trainer is a powerful home rowing machine that gives you a smooth and effective workout. It is made to last, foldable and works out all your muscle groups. This rower is a quality product that is worth the price and will give you years of workouts.

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