Best 3 Bodycraft Rowing Machines You Can Buy In 2022 Reviews

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In these Bodycraft rower reviews, I go over all the main features of these exercise machines. I also review the technical specifications of each rower. Lastly, I wrote about anything else you need to know so you can decide which rower is the right one for you.

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Bodycraft Exercise Machine Brand

History Of Bodycraft And Products

Bodycraft was founded in 1994 with the goal to help as many people live their healthiest lives. Their mission is to make exercising fun with its wide array of exercise equipment. Alongside rowers, they manufacture exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, jones machines, benches and much more.

Price Range Of Bodycraft Rowers

Bodycraft rowing machines fall somewhere in the upper range price-wise. The company is offering patented and high-quality products so the price makes sense. So for the price, you get a rower with high-quality construction and performance.

Where Can You Buy These Exercise Rowers?

These rowers can be found at any number of online retail stores. You can find them on the official Bodycraft website. But you can also find them on Amazon which I recommend. Amazon offers frequent discounts, and on top of that, you can compare prices directly on their website.

Warranty Life On Rowing Machines

The warranty is good, and all 3 rowers have a lifetime frame warranty, 5 -7 years on parts, 2 years on wear items, and 1-2 years on labor. If you buy a rowing machine for light commercial purposes, the warranty life is shorter.

Customer Support And Help

The company puts its customers first, and they do this by taking the customer feedback seriously. They also offer a good customer service. You just have to call them, email them or even stop by their showroom if you happen to be in Ohio.

Top 3 Bodycraft Rower Reviews

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine

Air And Magnetic Resistance

The VR200 rower has a hybrid resistance system. The fan flywheel uses air it sucks in to create resistance. The resistance is greater if you row faster. With magnets, you set a certain resistance level and that level never changes whether you row fast or slow.

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine

Six Levels Of Resistance

You can adjust the level of resistance and have a choice between six of them. The first level gives you resistance through the air only. When you go to higher levels, you get more magnetic resistance. For example, you can row slowly with strong resistance at level 6.

Computer Display For Monitoring Your Stats

Bodycraft VR200 has a multi-functional computer monitor that tracks all your important information. It tracks distance in meters, time, burned calories and total stroke profile. It also tracks strokes per minute, time 500m and stroke. But it’s a pretty basic monitor given the rower’s price range.

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine review

Other Technical Specifications

The rowing handlebar of this Bodycraft rower is rubber covered aluminum. The monorail is also made out of durable aluminum. The seat gives you comfort with its design: contoured and on rollers that give you a smooth rowing motion. And footrests are made to be pivoted and have adjustable straps.

Foldable Rowing Machine And Its Dimensions

You can easily fold the Bodycraft VR200 rowing machine when not in use. You can fold it in a few quick steps. If you need to move it, the rollers will help you maneuver it. This Bodycraft rowing machine has dimensions of 79’’ L x 17’’ W x 36’’ H. Maximum exerciser weight is 300lbs.


  • air and magnetic resistance
  • 6 levels of resistance
  • foldable for easy storage
  • multi-functional display

Bodycraft VR400 Rowing Machine

Hybrid Air And Magnetic Resistance

This is also a rower that uses a dual resistance type of air and magnets. The workout is quieter than air resistance only because of the magnets. The magnets interact with the metal flywheel to create resistance. Meanwhile, the fan takes the air out of its surroundings to give you a good workout.

Bodycraft Pro Air & Magnetic Resistance Rower Folding Machine

Sixteen Levels Of Resistance

The Bodycraft VR400 has 16 levels of resistance to choose from. Just like in the VR200 rower, the first level is air resistance only. After that, you manually turn the knob to find the additional resistance that suits you. It means exercisers of all levels can work out on this machine.

LCD Display Monitor

The monitor on this Bodycraft rower VR400 can track all your important data. This way, you can progress with your workouts and advance. The Display monitors time, distance, pulse, total stroke, watts, calories strokes and others. It also has a pulse recovery test so you know how your cardiovascular health is doing.

Bodycraft Pro Air & Magnetic Resistance Rower Folding Machine review

Construction And Technical Specifications

The rail of this Bodycraft VR400 is made out of anodized T13 aluminum and it’s very durable and strong. It’s long enough so that even very tall users can use it with no problem, with heights of up to 6’4’’. It has a nylon belt so it’s extra quiet. The handlebars themselves are made out of aluminum and are rubber coated.

Quick Release System And Dimensions

The quick-release on this Bodycraft rower helps you to fold it in a matter of seconds. You can then move it on its rollers to the appropriate place for storage. The Bodycraft 400 rower is very practical because of this. The dimensions are 98’’ L x 21’’ W x 69’’ H and it can easily carry up to 300lbs.


  • long rail to accommodate tall exercisers
  • durable and sturdy construction
  • 16 levels of resistance

Bodycraft VR500 Rowing Machine

Air And Magnetic Combination For Resistance

The Bodycraft VR500 rower has a combination of air and magnetic resistance. The magnetic resistance makes it more silent during a performance than air resistance only machines. The air resistance, in turn, makes your workouts more intense and makes your rowing motion stronger. Together they give you a smooth and quiet rowing workout that packs intensity.

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower

Thirty-two Resistance Levels

To maximally challenge you, this Bodycraft rowing machine has 32 resistance levels. It’s suitable even for the most demanding user, even for professional athletes. Exercisers of all ages and fitness levels can find a level that meets their workout needs and wants.

Computer Monitor For Tracking

The arm the monitor is mounted on can be easily adjusted and pivoted. The monitor itself tracks all your important stats. It tracks time, distance, strokes per minute, calories, pulse and other. This Bodycraft 500 rower monitor has 8 modes you can choose from and 12 programs.

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower review

Ergonomic Design And Quality Construction

This Bodycraft rower has an ergonomically designed handlebar with 4 buttons that control the resistance level. The seat is contoured and is gliding on high-quality rollers. The rail is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and can accommodate exercisers who are up to 6’8’’. Footpads of the Bodycraft rower VR500 are easily adjustable for any size.

Easy To Fold Rowing Machine

The Bodycraft VR500 Pro rowing machine can be folded in under 3 seconds. It even has a child safety lock. You can move the VR500 rower easily with the rollers at the bottom. The dimensions of the assembled machine are 98.5″ L x 20″ W x 38.5″ H. The maximum weight it can carry is 350lbs.


  • 32 intense resistance levels
  • quality LCD monitor
  • 12 programs and 8 modes to choose from
  • accommodates very tall users
  • easy to fold and store

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy A Bodycraft Rowing Machine?

Bodycraft VR 200 rowing machine and Bodycraft rower VR400 are quality air and magnetic rowers that give you a good workout and have many resistance levels. VR500 rower is a Bodycraft rowing machine that is suitable even for professional athletes with challenging performance.

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