Top 5 Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machines In 2022 Reviews

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I am reviewing 5 Sunny health rowing machines in this article. I am writing about the technical specifications and all their features. I’m also mentioning anything you need to know to decide which Sunny rower is the best one for you.

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Sunny Health And Fitness Rower Brand

A Range Of Exercise Equipment

Sunny has been in business for over a decade and they are mainly distributing and importing quality fitness products. They mainly focus on the fitness equipment. Besides rowers, they also manufacture and distribute everything from treadmills to steppers and ellipticals.

Price Range Of Sunny Rowers

The Sunny health rowers have a price range between pretty affordable to mid-range. Sunny is a brand known for quality products at budget-friendly prices. This way, you get exercise machines that give you a thorough workout for a good price.

Where To Buy One Of Their Rowers?

You can find a Sunny fitness rower on their official website but also at some online retailers like Amazon. I recommend Amazon because you can compare prices directly on there. You can see what other Sunny users are saying too and they have regular discounts.

Warranty On The Rowing Products

The warranty time is what’s to be expected of rowers in this price range. Frames have a 3-year warranty, while the parts have a 6-month warranty. The warranty could be better at least for the mid-range rowing machines prices. Other components have only a 6-month warranty too.

Customer Service Of The Sunny Company

If you need any help with the rowers or have any technical difficulties, you can just call or email Sunny. There is also the option of going on their website and finding the Contact page. There you can choose your problem in the menu and fill out the contact form. The Sunny team will try to get to you as soon as possible.

Best 5 Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machines Reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine

Hydraulic Piston Resistance Type

This Sunny rower works using one hydraulic piston that has cylinders filled with hydraulic fluid. They engage when the user pulls back and squeezes the hydraulic fluid through an opening into another chamber. This, in turn, creates resistance and gives you a great workout that strengthens your muscles.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639

Twelve Levels Of resistance

There are 12 levels of resistance on this full-motion rowing machine. The rower creates resistance when the opening through which the hydraulic fluid goes gets smaller. The smaller the opening, the harder it is to squeeze the fluid through and the stronger that resistance.

LCD Computer Monitor to Track Information

The monitor is simple but it tracks all the important functions that you need to progress in your workouts. It monitors time elapsed, stroke count, total stroke count and a rough estimate of calories burned. This basic display can even be put into “Scan” mode so it shows the main functions interchangeably.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 review

Steel Build And Comfortable Design

The frame is made out of solid steel and quite sturdy and durable. The seat is designed with maximum comfort in mind and is fully padded. The handlebars are made out of non-slip material and so are the large pedals. The foot straps are adjustable. The maximum supported user weight is 350lbs.

Easy Storage And Dimensions

Although you can’t fold the rower, there is no need to. A Sunny fitness rower is already a compact machine. But the rowing arms can fold in and that makes it easier to transport. It’s light enough to be carried by most people. The dimensions of this compact rowing machine are 51″ L x 24″ W x 14″ H.

Why Buy This Product:

  • challenging hydraulic resistance type
  • compact design for easy storage
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • durable and sturdy steel frame

Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine RW5515

Magnetic Resistance Type

The Sunny magnetic rowing machine has a magnetic resistance type. This means it uses magnets that work against the metal flywheel. When the magnets are farther away from the flywheel, you experience less resistance. And when the magnets are closer to the flywheel, the resistance is greater.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5515

Eight Levels of Resistance

This Sunny rowing machine has 8 resistance levels so you can progress in your fitness journey. You simply change the resistance with a tension knob under the computer monitor. Your workouts can always be challenging because of the many levels that are demanding enough for most people.

LCD Computer Display For Monitoring

The large computer monitor has everything you need to track all the important features for a satisfying workout. The LCD console shows you count, calories burned, total count, time and “Scan” mode. The “Scan” mode on Sunny RW5515 helps you see all your stats while showing them interchangeably in short time intervals.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5515 review

Ergonomic Design And Construction

This Sunny rowing machine comes with a padded seat so you’re comfortable while rowing for a long time. The foot pedals of the RW5515 rowing machine are large and can accommodate any foot size. The frame is built out of steel and the maximum weight it can carry is up to 250lbs.

Foldable For Easy Storage

This Sunny Health 5515 is a foldable rowing machine. You can fold it easily and then you can move it to any place you want because of built-in rollers. Simply tilt the machine and roll it. The dimensions of this exercise machine are 82” L x 19” W x 23” H.

Why Buy This Product:

  • 8 resistance levels
  • ergonomic design for comfort
  • ultra-quiet magnetic resistance

Sunny Obsidian Surge Water Rower

Water As Resistance

This Sunny rower achieves resistance with steel paddles that are suspended in the water tank. Similar to air resistance rowers, the Obsidian Surge rower has a resistance that depends on your effort. The faster you row, the greater the resistance and the more demanding the workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine RW5713

Different Levels Of Resistance

You can’t change the actual resistance with this, but you can change the feeling of resistance if you add or subtract water from the tank. You can do that with the funnel you got with the rower. To change the actual resistance, row faster so 16 fan blades of the water rower can make a more challenging resistance level for you.

Computer Monitor For Tracking Data

Sunny Obsidian Surge water rower has a display that helps you track all the important metrics. It monitors features like ambient temperature, total strokes, 500m time, total time and a rough caloric burn estimate. It doesn’t come with a pulse measuring technology, but you can buy that separately.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine RW5713 review

Ergonomic Design And Construction

The Obsidian Surge 500m WaterRower has a molded and padded seat designed to make your long workouts comfortable. The foot pedals are large and textured and you won’t slip while rowing. The entire frame is made out of steel, and so are the water pedals that are in the tank. The maximum weight of the user it can support is 250lbs.

Easy Transportation And Dimensions

While this is not a foldable rowing machine, it’s still easy to store and transport. You just have to flip it vertically and roll it on rollers to wherever you want. There’s no need for heavy lifting or any additional strain. The dimensions of Sunny Obsidian Surge are 80’’ L x 20’’ W x 34’’ H.

Why Buy This Product:

  • water resistance type
  • ergonomic design for comfort during exercise
  • 16 stainless steel water tank paddles
  • easy transport because of rollers
  • strong steel frame

Sunny Air Rower Rowing Machine RW5623

Air And Magnetic Resistance Type

The Sunny rowing machine uses a hybrid resistance system. The air resistance gives you a strong natural feel of rowing on water. It uses a fan flywheel to achieve this. The magnetic resistance part is very quiet and offers more resistance levels. It uses magnets that interact with the metal flywheel.

Sunny Air Rower Rowing Machine SF-RW5623

Eight Levels Of Resistance

The rowing machine has 8 levels of resistance to choose from. You can change the resistance easily by turning the resistance knob under the monitor. Your entire workout can be as challenging as you want it to be because of this. The dual resistance provides a stronger rowing motion and workout.

Digital Monitor For Tracking Data

The control panel of this Sunny Fitness rowing machine is a basic monitor with multiple functions. It tracks time, the total count of strokes, calories burned and count of strokes but just from this workout. It also has a “Scan” option that rotates all the functions in regular time intervals while you row.

Sunny Air Rower Rowing Machine SF-RW5623 review

Ergonomic Design And Construction

The seat is fully padded and comfortable and suitable for longer workouts. The handlebars are designed so your grip doesn’t slip and the footplates are large and have adjustable straps. This dual resistance rowing machine has an aluminum rail, but the frame is steel. The maximum weight of the user is 300lbs.

Easy Transportation And Dimensions

Once you’re done with your workout, you can simply tilt the rear end and move the rower on built-in rollers. The Sunny rowing machine is not heavy and you can just store it vertically once you roll it into place. The dimensions of the assembled machine are 68’’ L x 25’’ W x 30’’ H.

Why Buy This Product:

  • dual air and magnetic resistance
  • sturdy steel construction
  • 8 levels of resistance

Sunny RW1205 Rowing Machine

Hydraulic Cylinder Resistance Type

This Sunny Fitness rowing machine uses a hydraulic piston for resistance. It works on the principle of hydraulic fluid moving through an opening inside the piston. So if you set your resistance to high, the opening is smaller and the hydraulic fluid has a harder time to pass through it.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine

Twelve Resistance Levels

The Sunny RW1205 has 12 resistance levels suitable for virtually all exercise levels and age brackets. You can adjust the level with a knob while sitting on the rower. The hydraulic resistance is very quiet, so you don’t have to worry you will disturb anyone who is in your vicinity.

Display Console For Data Tracking

This Sunny rowing machine has a simple monitor that tracks all the important stats. It tracks standard functions like time elapsed and count (number of strokes during current workout). It also monitors calories burned and total count, which is the number of rowing strokes from all your workouts combined.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine revieww

Construction Quality And Design

This is a sturdy Sunny Health and Fitness rower made entirely out of steel. For prolonged workouts, there is a cushioned seat with extra padding so you’re comfortable. The handles are padded with foam for an easy grip. The Foot pedals are textured and large and you won’t slip while rowing. The maximum supported weight of the user is 220lbs.

Compact Design And Dimensions

The Sunny rowing machine is a pretty compact rower to begin with. You can’t fold it flat at all, but there is no need to because you can just store it vertically. It doesn’t take up much space and is lightweight. The dimensions of the Sunny Health rowing machine are 54’’ L x 20’’ W x 23’’ H.

Why Buy This Product:

  • quiet hydraulic piston resistance
  • compact design for easy storage
  • sturdy steel construction
  • 12 resistance levels

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy A Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine?

The Full Motion Rowing Machine and RW1205 are Sunny rowing machine models with strong hydraulic piston resistance. Sunny RW5515 magnetic rower gives you an effective full-body workout. Sunny Obsidian Surge rowing machine mimics rowing on the water while Sunny Air RW5623 has a powerful hybrid magnetic and air resistance.

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