Best 5 Kettler Rowing Machine Models For Sale In 2022 Reviews

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In this article, I will review 5 best Kettler rower models available on the market. I will write about their features and technical specifications. I will also mention everything you need to know so you can make an informed purchase.

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Kettler Rowing Machine Brand

The Brand Behind The Kettler Rowers

Kettler was started in 1949 in Germany by Heinz Kettler. Along with selling exercise equipment, they are also selling patio furniture, kid’s toys, and aluminum bicycles. They spread since then internationally and are known for quality products.

Price Range Of Kettler Rowing Machines

The Kettler rowing machine price ranges from pretty affordable all the way to expensive. There is a rower for everyone’s budget and fitness ability. Most rower models are in the mid-range price, and according to reviews, they are a good investment.

Where Can You Buy Them?

You can find the Kettler rowers in several places online and offline. You can find them on the Kettler website or online retailers such as Amazon. I recommend you check out Amazon because you can compare prices directly on the website. They also offer frequent discounts.

Warranty On Kettler Rowers

Kettler offers a lifetime warranty on the rower machine’s frames. The parts have a 3-year warranty. The exception is Kettler R220 rower that has a 1-year warranty on parts and electronics. All in all, it’s a pretty good warranty for rowing machines in this price range.

Why Buy From This Brand?

Kettler makes their rowing machines for a number of years now. They are known for their German quality. You can find frequently asked questions about their rowers on their website. In case you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact their customer service through Kettler’s online form.

Best 5 Kettler Rowing Machine Models Reviews

Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine

Hydraulic Resistance Type

The Kettler Kadett Outrigger uses two hydraulic pistons to provide resistance. With them, you can easily adjust the resistance level. The pistons work on opening and closing a hole in each cylinder. Then the hydraulic fluid is pushed through when you do the rowing motion.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Kadett Outrigger

Twelve Resistance Levels

You can easily change the resistance levels on this Kettler rowing machine by twisting the knob. You can find them on each rowing arm and they range from 1 to 12. The last level, 12 is the most challenging, while level 1 will be perfect if you’re just starting out or doing a warm-up.

Computer Display For Data Tracking

The LCD display of this home rower shows you all the important data you need to track your workout progress. The Kettler Kadett rowing machine can track energy consumed, strokes, pulse rate, time, distance and frequency (strokes per minute). The monitor is pretty simple and easy to read and use.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Kadett Outrigger review

High-Carbon Steel Frame

The Kettler Kadett rower has a solid build with the frame made out of high-carbon steel that’s also powder-coated. Because of this, Kettler offers a lifetime warranty against breakage. That way you can be sure you will be able to use the rower for many years without trouble. The strong frame can also carry up to 285lbs.

Technical Specifications And Dimensions

The rower is quiet and provides smooth rowing motions. The seat is thickly padded for maximum comfort. The footplates are mechanically engineered to naturally pivot to mimic the full range of rowing motion. The dimensions of the assembled rower are 59’’ L x 67’’ W x 18’’ H.


  • powerful hydraulic resistance
  • lifetime frame warranty
  • twelve resistance levels
  • quiet workout performance

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Hydraulic Resistance Type

Kettler Favorit rower shares the same resistance type as the Kadett Outrigger rower: hydraulic. So it also uses hydraulic pistons and hydraulic fluid that’s pushed through the cylinder’s openings. The smaller the opening, the stronger the resistance.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment

Fifty Resistance Levels

There are 50 resistance levels on this Kettler rowing machine! You can adjust them on your rowing arm and row at a perfect resistance for you. Kettler Favorit rowing machine offers a variable and strong resistance when needed. If you’re a beginner, try with lower resistance levels.

Computer Display To Monitor Data

This affordable rowing machine has a multi-functional monitor that can track all your important data. The Kettler Favorit rower tracks your calories, strokes, pulse, rate, time distance, and frequency. The display also grades your cardio progress so you know how you’re doing.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment review

Other Important Features

The hydraulic pistons are industrial strength and the seat is thick and padded so you’re comfortable during your workouts. You can measure your pulse electronically with an included earlobe clip sensor so you know how you stand with your cardio fitness. The rower also has biomechanically engineered footpads.

Professional Powder Coating And Dimensions

The Kettler rowing machine’s tubing is powder-coated through a special coating process. This makes it safer for your entire family because it doesn’t need to use harmful solvents. The coat is UV and impact resistant. The rower’s dimensions are 51’’L x 15’’ W x 9’’ H and it can carry up to 285lbs.


  • affordable rowing machine
  • 50 resistance levels

Kettler R220 Programmable Magnetic Rower

Magnetic Resistance Type

Kettler R220 rowing machine uses magnetic resistance which means it uses magnets that interact with a metal flywheel. You can adjust your resistance and when the magnets are closer to the metal flywheel, the stronger you feel the resistance. The magnetic resistance also makes this home rower very quiet.

Kettler R220 Programmable Magnetic Rower

Magnetic-Brake System For Smooth Performance

The thing that gives this Kettler rowing machine the smooth performance that’s also very silent is the magnetic-brake system. The brake system is balanced and doesn’t wear. The oar is also placed in the center and that gives you a smooth rowing motion and a great full-body workout.

Highly Visual Computer Display

You can track all the important data on the rower’s display monitor. It shows you time, distance, resistance level, and calories. It also shows you oar strokes, strokes per minute, heart rate and 500-meter pace. You can easily improve when you track all your important statistics and this display makes sure of that.

Kettler R220 Programmable Magnetic Rower review

Durable And Sturdy Build

This Kettler R220 rowing machine is sturdy and will last you for many years of workouts. The frame itself is made out of steel and the track is made out of aluminum alloy that’s rust-proof.  The maximum user weight is 245lbs so it’s suitable for many types of exercisers.

Technical Specifications And Dimensions

The R220 Kettler sport rowing machine is equipped with a padded and contoured seat so your workout will be more comfortable. The footrests are biomechanically engineered and have adjustable straps. You can easily fold the rower and store it. Its dimensions after assembly are 70’’ L x 20’’ W x 31’’ H.


  • very quiet magnetic resistance
  • folds up to save space
  • magnetic-brake system for smooth rowing
  • durable and sturdy

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

Magnetic Type Of Resistance

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine uses the same type of resistance as the R220. This makes it a very quiet home rower. You can easily change the levels of resistance on this rower. As the magnets go closer or farther away from the metal flywheel, the resistance changes.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Coach M Rowing Machine

Magnetic Brake System And Resistance Levels

This Kettler rowing machine shares the same magnetic brake system as the previous rower. It makes this rower’s performance very smooth and stable. Kettler Coach M rower also has 10 resistance levels which you can change easily. Whichever level of resistance you need, this rower has got you covered.

LCD Digital Monitor

For all your data tracking needs, this Kettle rower has a high-resolution computer display. Kettler Coach M rower tracks all the important stats such as calories (energy consumed), stroke, pulse rate, time and frequency. This way you can progress with reliable data.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Coach M Rowing Machine review

Grading Of Cardio Wellness

There is a recovery feature included in this Kettler rower. It basically grades your cardio wellness. That way you can track your cardiovascular improvement on a scale from 1 to 6. It also has a scan feature and also includes a Polar T34 heart rate monitor in the form of a chest strap.

Technical Specifications And Dimensions

The footplates are biomechanically correctly designed and the seat is padded for maximum comfort. The steel rail is chrome-plated and the seat glides on rollers for a smooth workout. It can carry up to 285lbs. This is a sturdy and good-quality rower with dimensions of 81″ L x 21″ W x 27″ H.


  • cardio wellness grading
  • silent magnetic resistance
  • smooth rowing motion

Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine

Resistance Type Of The Rower

This Kettler Stroker rower uses magnetic resistance to make your workouts as intense as they need to be, but also silent. The mechanism uses magnets interacting with a metal flywheel. This way you can have multiple levels of resistance and change them easily.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Stroker Rower and Multi-Trainer Machine

Magnetic Brake System And 8 Resistance Levels

This is what makes for a smooth rowing experience on this Kettler Stroker rowing machine – the magnetic brake system. The resistance can be easily adjusted and has 8 levels. This Kettler rowing machine offers you a wide range of resistance for an individually tailored workout.

Monitor Display For Tracking Data

The computer display tracks several important data points so you can use them to progress further, faster. It measures calories, time, strokes, distance, heart rate, and frequency. It also has a recovery feature where it grades your cardiovascular wellness on a scale from 1 to 6. It’s very useful for any exerciser.

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment Stroker Rower and Multi-Trainer Machine review

Technical Specifications Of The Stroker Rower

The footpads have a biomechanically correct design and they enable you to perform the full rowing motion with your whole body. The seat is thick and well padded so you’re more comfortable during your workouts. They also have high-quality rollers for a smooth gliding motion.  It also includes a Polar T34 heart rate monitor.

Sturdy Build And Dimensions

The steel frame of this Kettler sport rowing machine is powder-coated and able to withstand any number of workout challenges. The same durable frame can also be easily folded. You can store this foldable rowing machine more easily this way. While being used, the rowing machine has dimensions of 86’’ L x 24’’ W x 32’’ H and maximum user weight is 286lbs.


  • foldable and space-saving
  • 8 resistance levels
  • silent magnetic resistance
  • heart rate monitor included
  • durable steel frame

A variety of Kettler rowers to choose from

These are not the only Kettler rowers. There is also the Kettler Cambridge M rowing machine, Kettler Axos rowing machine, and the pricier Coach M alternative: Kettler Coach E rowing machine. Kettler also manufactures the Kettler Coach LS rowing machine, Kettler HKS Selection Coach rowing machine and Kettler Ergo Coach rowing machine.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy A Kettler Rowing Machine Model?

The Kadett Outrigger and Favorit are Kettler rowing machine models that use hydraulic resistance. Their performance is powerful and they have a wide range of resistance levels. The R220, Coach M and Stroker models use magnetic resistance and give you a silent and smooth workout.

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