Best Lifecore Rowing Machine (Rower) To Buy In 2022 Review

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In this article, I wrote a Lifecore R100 rowing machine review. I wrote about technical specifications and the main features of this rower. I also wrote everything you need to know so you can decide if this rower is the best one for you.

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Lifecore Rowing Machine Brand

The Brand Behind The Lifecore Rower

The brand has a 15-year experience in the fitness industry. They started as operators of their own fitness stores. They have a mission to promote a healthy and active lifestyle with their products. They also manufacture exercise bikes and all the accessories you could need for your workouts.

Price Range Of The Lifecore Rower

This is a heavy-duty rowing machine that can also be used for commercial purposes. That’s why the price is squarely in the higher range. According to reviews, this exercise machine is worth it and a good investment into your fitness journey.

Where To Find The Lifecore R100 For Sale?

You can find this rower for sale on the Lifecore Fitness website and some offline stores. You can also buy it at some online retailers like Amazon. I suggest Amazon because you can compare prices directly on the website. They also offer frequent discounts and you can see what other reviewers are saying.

Long Warranty On The Product

Lifecore Fitness offers a great warranty on their Lifecore rowing machine. The residential warranty offers 5 years on the parts and 1 year on labor. For light commercial use, you get 2-year parts and a 1-year labor warranty. And for fully commercial, it’s 1 year on parts only. The frame has a lifetime warranty, no matter the type of use.

Why Should You Buy From Lifecore?

Lifecore rower brand prides itself on excellent customer service. They know that the customer comes first and they listen to your feedback on the products. Lifecore is there to service the exercise equipment after the sale. This presence, in turn, helps them better their products.

The Lifecore R100 Rower Review

Hybrid Air And Magnetic Resistance

With the R100 rowing machine, you get the best of both worlds. R100 uses magnetic resistance where the magnetic system interacts with the metal flywheel. The flywheel is also a fan that creates air resistance when you pull. The magnetic resistance kicks in at level 2, while level 1 is air resistance only.

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

Computer Display With Sixteen Resistance Levels

The LCD monitor is large and blue backlit so you can easily see your stats. It tracks your total time, total strokes, calories, speed, distance, 500m time, strokes per minute and pulse. The Lifecore rowing machine offers you 16 resistance levels to choose from. Since the R100 is a commercial-grade rower, it gives you a fair bit of resistance.

Fifteen Different Workout Programs

Lifecore rower also has 15 motivational programs you can use. You can use the interval training program and set your distance and interval time. The Lifecore R100 also has also programs that simulate white water rowing or you can race against the pace boat.

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine review

Ergonomically Designed With Durable Materials

This Lifecore fitness rowing machine uses a belt that doesn’t require maintenance. It has an ergonomically designed handle and seat for added comfort during your workouts. The footrests are easily adjustable and the nylon straps are industrial grade and durable. The aluminum rail provides a smooth motion.

Construction And Dimensions

The Lifecore rower has a durable construction which is meant to last. You can easily fold this model after use and wheel it into place with its rollers. Dimensions of the assembled home rower are  92’’ L x 19’’ W x 36’’ H and the user capacity is 600 pounds.

Why Buy This Product:

  • hybrid air and magnetic resistance
  • high user capacity
  • sturdy and durable
  • 15 different programs to challenge you
  • rowing belt for quiet workouts

Comparison And Other Lifecore Rower Models

Comparison To Similar Machines

You can get the Infiniti R100 rowing machine for sale right now, which is comparable with its features to the R100 rower commercial rowing machine. Both are durable and heavy-duty rowing machines good enough even for the most avid exerciser. The price is similar too.

Other Lifecore Rowing Machines

Lifecore is a manufacturer of some other rowing machines that you might have heard of besides the Lifecore rower. There is the Lifecore R88 Pro rowing machine that is also a hybrid air and magnetic rower. And then there is the Lifecore R900 rowing machine that uses magnetic resistance only.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy This Lifecore Rowing Machine Model?

The Lifecore rowing machine is a commercial-grade, heavy-duty rowing machine. It uses hybrid air and magnetic resistance to give you a thorough full-body workout. Lifecore R100 is quiet and made out of durable material.  It also has 15 different workout programs that reviewers love.

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